See No Evil 2 Screamfest Review

MV5BMTk5NTAzNjI4MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjE5NTMzMjE@._V1_SY317_CR4,0,214,317_AL_Back to the Movies are proud to be attending Screamfest and before our film Fear Clinic goes live on the last day of the festival we had to go and hit up some of the other titles on offer to wet out horror appetites. The first movie on the list, the sequel that has been eight years in the making, coming straight to us courtesy of the crazy yet lovely Soska twins its See No Evil 2 with their world premiere exclusively at Screamfest.

The film is an instant homage to 80’s style slasher films, the good old days where story wasn’t too much of an option, rather throwing you in the deep end of a scenario and allowing you to experience first hand the same feelings, scares and jumps that the characters feel on screen.

The Soska’s have delivered something very nice here, the cinematography looks great its easy to see why Lionsgate jumped on this movie, it looks extremely high quality and its very pleasing on the eye. The acting is actually fantastic but in parts suprising. We love Danielle Harris and she is a great lead character in many of her movies yet in this movie the attention is very much diverted away from her and towards Katharine Isabelle. Katherine for her short duration on screen allows the audience to relate to her and enjoy her quirky and twisted humor but also feel her journey as she is being chased by psycho killer Jacob Goodnight (Glenn Jacobs). We found this incredibly strange as Danielle’s character Amy was not relatable in any shape or form, there was no backstory to support any of the cast but even a simple rapport or some form of audience connection would of really sold her as the lead but Katharine’s amazing performance really grabbed my attention.

The movie isn’t perfect but what slasher is? Its hack and slash good old fashioned fun, just like walking through a scare maze, you don’t know what to expect and that is exactly what See No Evil 2 gives you, just when you think you’ve seen it all before and your expecting a jump scare or a certain event to happen, there is always a twist around the corner that keeps things fresh.

The blood effects were rather poor in terms of the fact it looked very watered down so it spoiled the realism, the kills were more brute force than anything of any gore whore note, but non of that really mattered, the tension was there, the quality was there and the final result is a solid film that I’m sure will do very well with its upcoming DVD/Blu Ray release.

Great performances from all the cast, a highlighted scene would be a saucy morgue scene a very humorous scene that catches you off guard and throws your emotions from side to side like a game of ping pong. Glenn Jacobs puts in a very menacing performance as to be expected from the WWE giant, very enjoyable to watch !

An amazing premiere, everyone was so nice, it was an honour to meet the cast. Slash himself from Guns and Roses came to see the movie, if thats not a seal of approval then well.. I don’t know what is !

If you’re reading Soska sisters. Nice job ! x

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