Sandcastle Pictures’ Feature Debut!

Six friends venture to a remote island off the Washington coast to celebrate the fourth of July, but their expectations for a harmless weekend filled with fun and partying goes awry when one of the drugs they take spawns a horrifying trip filled with chaos and murder.  Only the friend who refused to take the drug is spared and they must now fight to stay alive as everyone around them, including their fiancé, attempts to kill them.  Their only hope may be a rookie detective who has been on the trail of the sadistic right wing terrorist organization that secretly engineered this bio-active drug that transforms everyone who takes it into ravenous psychopaths.

The opening synopsis to Sandcastle Pictures Feature Debut ! One that is sure to surprise with twists and turns at every corner. We were proud to jump on board and help these guys to get the funding they deserve for this movie, we read the script and wow.. you guys are in for a real treat.

Their campaign is off to a flying start but we need to keep up the momentum and drive it home straight to the finish line.

Perks vary from industry specified production and script consulting, to hiring their RED camera equipment. Other perks include T Shirts, Mugs, Fridge Magnets, Bags, special thanks credits, days on set, premiere tickets, screening tickets, and a $1 which puts you on the board to NAME THE MOVIE ! How cool is that !

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