Ronaldo Review

movies-ronaldo-posterI first heard about the Ronaldo documentary on the Jonathan Ross show and felt somewhat compelled to watch it, the story of the world’s greatest footballer. With me being rather bias towards a certain Manchester team, Ronaldo was a flick I really wanted to see.

Upon watching the documentary showing off Ronaldo’s luxurious lifestyle, footballing success and close relationship with his son and family, it became apparent that this 90 minute documentary seemed to lack considerable depth. It was heavily portrayed as a career highlights reel with a few downers along the way. A very guarded documentary but enjoyable none the less.


An insight into Cristiano’s life from a great distance, even if details were few and far between, I can easily compare it to a 90 minute MTV Cribs episode.

Instead of a look into the world’s greatest footballer the documentary seems to be the same day in and day out life of Ronaldo in front of a camera with Cristiano himself being very aware of a camera’s presence as he shows off his house, nice collection of luxury cars and private jet journeys all on display for us poor folk.


Maybe when Ronaldo is retired they can re-visit this life story and actually get the true story instead of this fabricated ‘Meet the Kardashian‘ style glossy flick.