Robert the Doll Review

There have been many haunted doll movies made over the years, Annabelle being the most recent until now.

Robert the Doll a tale about the real life doll that inspired the Childs Play franchise, it’s just a shame the story is as wooden as the doll itself.

Robert tells us the story of the Otto family who’s rather sinister cleaner Agatha leaves the doll in the safe company of Gene (the family’s son) when she is relieved from her duties. The next minute the cliche ‘strange happenings’ start occuring and look who gets blamed for all of this mayhem, yes poor little Gene.

Easily the best actor of the entire movie Flynn Allen shows us some diverse talent and actually keeps my eyes on the screen before reaching for the eject button on my DVD player.

Paul and Jenny Otto played by Lee Bane and Suzie Frances Garton play their characters in a perculiar way, their relationship and every scene in which they feature in has a very TV show style relationship dynamic to it, from the quick choppy editing all the way down to the painful dialogue. It just doesn’t feel like a believable relationship, I’m almost waiting for Jeremy Kyle to burst through the door and sit them both and Robert the Doll down for a good chat, just waiting for the results from that lie detector test!

So a wooden relationship, topped with a wooden script and a predictable plot that has been done more times than your local call girl, Robert is a real gem… that should never.. ever.. be unearthed.

A tame effort for a low budget Independent film but nearly everything has been stolen or in a professional lingo ‘Influenced’ by all of the other far superior movies that have come before it, yes even Annabelle!

The doll looks awesome but as a film it just doesn’t cut it.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I traded this into CEX only 24 hours after purchase.

Goodbye and good riddance!

If you REALLY want to put yourself through this horrific movie then you can purchase it HERE. Be warned.