Ride Along Review


Ice Cube and Kevin Hart star in this Action packed comedy that brings back a long lost glimmer of buddy cop chemistry that Martin Lawrence and Will Smith did oh so brilliantly in Bad Boys 1 and 2. But only a glimmer.

Security guard Ben (Hart) must prove himself to his girlfriend’s brother, top cop James (Ice Cube). He rides along with James on a 24-hour patrol of Atlanta.

Ice Cube maintains his usual bad ass persona throughout the entire movie and the movie opens to a high octane car chase perfect for any opening action sequence. Ice Cube’s acting however seems lacking, he needs a partner, he needs someone to vibe off, someone to bounce the comedy and to strengthen his performance during some very poor  single dialogues. Enter Kevin Hart.

Kevin has to be one of the funniest men in Hollywood right now and any film he is a part of is instantly given a boost of comedic genius. Every bit of screen time that Kevin has in this movie brings laughs and intrigue. Ice Cube is meant to be the star of this movie, but the moment Kevin comes into frame the limelight is stolen. As the film progress’s and their characters chemistry grows, Ice comes into his own, the script was almost moulded around their real life personalities so the on screen chemistry is very relatable, believable and realistic. Full credit to Kevin for his superb acting skills, hilarious lines, audience relation and character portrayal.

With a storyline revolving around the main premise of ‘Training Day’ Ride Along manages to add a twist on that premise and provide a rather funny and enjoyable film experience. The chemistry is no where near the level of ‘Bad Boys’ but its not a bad attempt what so ever. A good try at re-creating old buddy cop magic, with a hilarious antics at the heart of the film but there is something missing, the balance between maturity and comedy is very obscure so you can’t quite take their job nor the narrative too seriously.

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