Ride Along 2 Review

ice-cube-kevin-hart-ride-along-2-poster Ride Along 2 is a case and point of a sequel that should never be made. I really enjoyed the first film much to my surprise in 2014. It had a great trailer, Kevin Hart was on the rise, and most importantly it had a good release date. January and September are those 2 months of the year where we’re coming off Oscar films and big Thanksgiving and Christmas releases. This leaves us with at least one PG-13 horror film every January, and usually comedies that the studios don’t have much faith in.

I personally loved seeing Kevin Hart, basically playing a mall cop, have to win over Ice Cube’s little sister with a Ride Along. The two leads are not only great actors but watching Hart stumble and fall when he was caught up in the middle of very serious shootouts, car chases, etc was hilarious. We really appreciated these characters and watching them both grow into what they needed to be. Hart needed to be more serious and Ice Cube needed to chill out. It was seeing this journey play out in such hilarity that the film worked and was a huge sleeper hit.

Ride Along 2 resembles Hangover 2, and that’s not a good thing in case you didn’t know. Hart is about to marry Ice Cube’s sister and is now on the force with him as his partner. After a huge screw up featuring a “furious” cameo Hart is given another shot to take down a huge drug lord played by Benjamin Bratt. This has been done so many times before it’s hard to even give it a chance 10 minutes in.
The sequel of course ups the action, the car chases, and I’m certain the salaries. Ride Along 2 is one of those that actually nicely up’d the action scenes. Many of the shoot outs and chases are quite fun and great but given the film is primarily a comedy there’s a problem. It was great getting to know these characters the first time around but it wasn’t as funny riding along with them here.
Hart pulls out one joke after the next, even dressing up as a prince to get into a party which I somehow feel I’ve seen so many times before. His character continues to mess up every situation to the point that it’s pretty pathetic and then jokes constantly about it. Sadly it made me want him to shut up because he was trying way too hard. This is coming from watching him go from a nobody 13 years ago to this huge career now. Personally, I’m tired of seeing him in everything.
This sequel’s not that entertaining and you can’t help but feel was a cash cow. Somehow the action got better but the story and the characters fell flat. It has an underlying storyline about family, marriage, etc but it doesn’t work. This is one I could have gone without.
Review by Kory Davis