Reboot is a film directed by Award-winning director Joe Kawasaki.  “Reboot” is a cyberpunk thriller with a story that focuses on 3 computer hackers, one of which is Stat who is a young girl who has woken up in a trashed apartment with an Iphone glued to her hand. The Iphone is displaying a countdown sequence that is processing various sections of computer coding. After speaking to her friends they rush to help her out and to unravel the mystery of what has happened prior to her waking up and what will happen when the countdown hits zero.

The suspense in this film is superb, what happens at zero? why is an Iphone glued to her hand and there are so many clever technological references that may or may not have been there on purpose. Our generations reliance on technology and having a Iphone glued to your hand seemed like a huge signal to how society is in modern times.

I’m not giving any spoilers away in this review as the film duration is under an hour and it does the job well, If I said one thing the rest would be self explanatory. Anyone watching this film will be shocked at how professional it looks for a fan funded independent, the camera angles are Hollywood quality with great movement, great pan shots and some superb aerial footage that give this film a very classy well made feel.  The supporting cast do an acceptable job of holding up the main lead but its stat (Emily Somers), who does a superb job of keeping the suspense flowing and the tension like wise.

This film deserves to be shown on a wide platform as techy’s will thoroughly enjoy the references and even non tech savvy people will enjoy the suspense and professional quality of this very well put together film.

Watch the trailer right here :