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Veho audio

I’m very picky when it comes to audio products in general. I always have to get a full range of sound if for whatever reason I can’t review movies in my home theatre. If I’m on the move or if I’m lying in bed watching a film on my MacBook the headphones have to be just right, the same goes with any speaker or audio product I use in any given situation. The guys over at sent me two products to review. The Veho Z8 headphones and the Veho M8 wireless speaker.

When I checked out the Veho Z8 headphones before the review and instantly saw the price and was quick to judge. Usually, when you pay £29 for a pair of headphones you expect them to sound as good as or an equal equivalent of putting two baked bean cans over your head with a built-in speaker inside. When the Veho headphones arrived I could not be more wrong.

The packaging for the Veho Z8 headphones was lovely. The box had a rubbery feel to it and it just felt rather luxurious. For a product that costs so little, I was praying that all the money hadn’t been spent on the packaging rather than the product. The second the product came out of the box it was clear to see that it was a well built, weighty and well-made item. The headphones came with tangle-free cable (which is always handy) and a rather cheap feeling carry bag. Whilst I wasn’t a fan of the square earcups everything else was very well made and I was thoroughly impressed.

Scrolling through my music library I gave the headphones a full workout. The Z8’s had incredible bass and mids but the second that guitar solo kicked in or anything that required some treble distinction this is where the Z8’s showed their price point. Don’t get me wrong the Z8’s sound like much more expensive headphones as a whole but that treble was non-existent.

Veho audio

This sound issue was the same for the M8 Veho wireless speaker and whilst it looked like something from a low budget science fiction movie the sound was rather similar to that of the Z8’s. Great bass, great mids but next to zero treble. Always struggling to reach those highs. The speaker easily connected via Bluetooth to my phone in seconds and the controls were very simple and the build quality once again was great. But any audio product that lacks that high-end range of sound will always fall short of the mark.

For £29 for the headphones and £59 for the wireless speaker, you can’t go far wrong with Veho. The treble may have run off somewhere but you’re still getting a product that sounds miles better than many other of its competitors in the same price range. If you’re looking for some nice cheap headphones or a wireless speaker on the move then look no further.

Who knows in the upcoming Black Friday sale they may shoot down in price even more so. Grab a bargain, grab a Veho.

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