Ready Player One – The Most Iconic Movie Cars

Ready Player One
With Steven Spielberg’s epic return to Sci-Fi due for release this month. We take a look at Ready Player One’s homage to some of the most iconic movie cars of all time.
Fulton Leasing has released a roundup of iconic movie cars which have been spotted in the trailer.

The below infographic highlights five legendary vehicles that earned their pop culture status thanks to their special features. These include B.A Baracus’s MC Vandura, Mach 5, Christine, Max Rockatansky’s Pursuit Special and Doc Brown’s DeLorean, all described in-detail to engage with cinema and car fans alike.

iconic movie cars

Tano Di Girolamo, Fulton Leasing’s director said: “We are thrilled to release our Iconic Movie Car content prior to the release of Ready Player One. Here at Fulton Leasing we were thrilled to see hints of some well-loved movie cars in the Ready Player One trailer, and are looking forward to seeing what other 80s pop culture references the full movie has in store”.

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