Raw and Deeply Emotional. I Am Heath Ledger Review

i am heath ledger review

I Am Heath Ledger is a new documentary about the late and great Australian actor. A raw and emotional piece that consists of originally filmed interviews mixed with archival footage, photographs, home movies and snapshots. A film that glosses over the actor’s life, passions and artist contributions as well as beautifully exploring the man himself from direct accounts from close friends and family.

Having such close accounts of Heath as a person, a son, a brother is a perfect way for us as an audience to relate to Heath in a stronger more affectionate way. Many documentaries showcase accounts from friends of friends, old co-workers or people who never really knew the person wholeheartedly in question. Having such strong candidates to provide such wonderful memories with Heath stands this documentary head and shoulders over many others.

i am heath ledger review

Reflecting on Heath’s life his passions and admiration for life and those around him. I Am Heath Ledger is a sweet and rather moving account of a man with the world at his feet, a man who viewed the world much differently than most and strived to be one with his artistic creation and vision. What did strike me about this documentary is that it started out as a celebration of his life for it to slowly lull down into a eulogy-like projection. This contrast hit me out of the blue and as the film rolled to its conclusion a few tears also followed.

I always remember the day I found out about Heath Ledger’s death. A man who I never met, never spoke to or ever saw in person yet somehow a man that moved me to tears upon hearing of his passing. Very similar to my reactions when Michael Jackson and Robin Williams passed away. These people, who you grow up with watching on the silver screen somehow capture your heart. An emotional connection that defies logic and connects you on a level that words merely cannot describe.

i am heath ledger review

I Am Heath Ledger is a documentary for the fans, a tender and delicate documentary that shines a light on a life cut so short but a life that was lived each and every single day with love, ambition and artistic flair. The complications and details of Heath’s death aren’t explored in this documentary and whilst the fans may never get the real truth on that particular matter, I feel it’s best that some things should be kept private.

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