Rare Hollywood Memorabilia FOR SALE


Not long ago we interviewed Mark Behar, a Hollywood celebrity bodyguard, Producer and Actor.  Mark gets exclusive access to many high profile events and works behind the scenes and up close and personal with many huge stars.  As a result you can imagine that Mark comes across many rare and unique items on his travels from the A list elite, not only that but Mark has his own Ebay page selling some incredibly rare items that he has collected along the way.

A host of screen used props, awards, autographs, memorabilia and celebrity owned items are available on Marks store and in our opinion it is THE only place to be if you want to own such rare and prolific items.

How many times are you going to get to own an MTV movie award or a Directors Guild Award straight from Hollywood?  How many times are you going to own Miley Cyrus’s bra? (Don’t answer that question). Aside from that with Mark still currently working in the business today he gets VIP access to hit TV shows such as Two and a Half Men, 2 Broke Girls and more ! Now ask yourself how many times in your entire life are you going to get the chance to be a VIP on your favorite TV show.

Regardless of the names, Mark has it all ! Just take a look at some of the items he has to offer.

Check out Mark Behar’s Hollywood Treasures at the link below –


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