R2-D2 Sells for $2.76 Million At Profiles in History Auction

R2-D2 Sold

Pieced together from various production used pieces spanning various Star Wars films this 43-inch tall unit sold for a staggering $2.76 million last week!

Auction house Profiles in History made R2-D2 the most expensive item in their catalog listing with a minimum bid price of $1 million.

Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber from the first two films sold for $450,000 and Darth Vaders’s helmet from the original film sold for $96,000 in the same auction.

The R2-D2 unit is made from a combination of steel, fiberglass and aluminium. It would take a serious collector to throw down just under $3 million on this piece of art. No information has been released as to whom actually brought it. Nevertheless that is one lucky collector who now owns a seminal item of sci-fi movie history.

profiles in history

Made from aluminium, steel and fiberglass elements R2-D2 would be the pride of place in any Star Wars collection or home cinema set up. Film museum collections around world were lining up to own this beautiful testament of sci-fi history. This particular R2 unit doesn’t come with any inner workings, working mechanics or electronics but let’s be honest. Who needs them when it looks like that!

Other sci-fi TV and film memorabilia was up for grabs like their always is in these Profiles in History auctions. In the list of items was a collection of ships from Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers sold for $1.8 million. A lighted dancefloor from Saturday Night Fever sold for $1.2 million (it’s not even Sci-Fi!) and a helmet worn by late actor Bill Paxton in Aliens sold for $51,000.

Those are some incredible prices to pay for some beautiful pieces of movie artwork. You’d need deep pockets, a lust for all things cinema and one hell of a place to display it. Could you justify paying those kind of prices for a prop from your favourite film?

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