Quo Vado Review


Quo Vado is latin for ‘Where Are You Going?’ and this Italian comedy captures travelling and the old famous Italian quote il posto fisso, which means a job for life.

The Movie is blowing the Box Office away and is closing in on Avatar as the highest grossing film in Italian box office history. With it’s quirky comedy and openly mocking Italy’s current economy, Quo Vado is a joy to watch in any corner of the globe.

Checco Zalone - Quo Vado

What was once a country promising steady income and benefits, has now made a sharp U-turn, with high unemployment running amock in the country.

Quo Vado relates to the current climate and portrays it in the most comedic way possible. The movie is by centralised around a character called Checco Zalone who is so adament of staying in a public sector job, he is willing to travel the world and work in the worst of climates just so he keeps a hold of his benefits package.

A wonderful little movie with a touching Italian charm, Quo Vado is beliisimo!

Vue will be screening the hit Italian film exclusively in the UK across 30 of its cinemas from Friday 22nd April”