Prop Store Live Exhibition London 2017

prop store live auction

Another year and another trip down to the BFI IMAX cinema in London to take a look at a collection of movie props and costumes on display ahead of the upcoming Prop Store live auction this fall. 600 items will go under the hammer and this year the Prop Store has stepped up their game even higher. There are some outstanding items in this year’s collection and I found it incredibly difficult to name my top 50 favourite items from this years catalogue.

Upon stepping into the cinema we are greeted with a row of incredible costumes. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s costume from Terminator and Matt Damon’s space suit from The Martain being the two main highlights of the lobby with a Robocop costume just tucked in on the other side of the room. Already we are greeted with historic costumes before we’ve even stepped foot into the main part of the exhibition.

prop store live auction

Shelf upon shelf of iconic movie props. There wasn’t one film or prop in the collection that wasn’t instantly recognisable. That’s a true testament to the Prop Store when sourcing these items. There wasn’t an item that when you looked at it, you had absolutely no idea what it was from. You knew exactly what movie it’s from and you knew it was something special. In the centre of the room stood a Batman Forever costume, a Predator and a huge Chamberlain costume from Hellboy 2.

I didn’t know where to start first. Just casually sitting on a table (not even in a cabinet) was Thor’s Hammer, Starlords helmet from Guardians and the Galaxy and Indiana Jones whip from The Last Crusade. These items, with estimated auction prices to make my eyes water were just casually sitting on a table in the open!

Jack Nicholson’s Joker costume graced the cabinet, Marty McFly’s western costume from Back to the Future III likewise. A DeLorean model used in the Back to the Future Ride and C3PO’s head and hands from Star Wars were just a select number of iconic pieces on display. The list was endless and you can see every item that was there in our little VLOG at the bottom of this post. About an hour later of drooling over every single item on display, the moment came. The Nike Air Mag shoes from Back to the Future II were taken out of their cabinet and I was allowed to get up close and personal to this iconic piece from my favourite movie. I and Stephen had a picture with the shoes and something so simple as being this close to this iconic treasure is a memory that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

prop store live auction

Every year the auction items get better and better. The Prop Store has a real job on their hands for next years auction as this one will be so tough to beat. Thank you to Stephen Lane and the Prop Store team for being so accommodating and allowing me to come down and enjoy this incredible range of Hollywood history.

To see pictures of many of the props on display at the exhibition then head on over to our FaceBook page to see more!

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