Preservation Review

Wit, a brainy anesthesiologist, heads out on a hunting trip in a forest preserve with her husband Mike, a hedge fund manager, and his brother Sean, a former marine. But when the brothers are stalked and captured by three local hunters, Wit must unleash her own animal instincts or else end up a trophy. 

This movie starts out like any other, a nice quiet getaway in a national park that takes a deadly turn for the worse, the film drags on throughout with nothing of any interest until the 30 minute mark. There is some nice character building so we can relate to the cast and it is outlined that both Mike and his brother Sean used to camp out and go hunting when they were younger. Sean a former Marine naturally has a wonderful set of skills including tracking and wilderness smarts and hunting knowledge, a set of skills that make this film lose its killer edge. Wit is the identical opposite to both Sean and Mike with no hunting skills and no interest in hunting animals for sport.

As the film progress’s the group are stalked by three masked killers on bikes, Wit naturally the weakest of the group but starts to slowly shift traits as the film progresses. As the masked killers trap both Sean and Mike its up to Wit to take matters into her own hands and evolve as a character to essentially save her own life, self preservation as you will.

Preservation - Tribeca 2014 Press Notes

As Wit comes to the conclusion she must escape, the three masked killers are in full pursuit on push bikes, now this scene for me instantly exposed the killers to be young, bikes, cheesy gamer masks and a specific scene by the lake where they are playing video games on their phone exposes the three masked killers to be teenagers. A wonderful twist to the movie as the innocence of youth mixed with a violent video game blends together to form this trio of murderers who kill for fun.

Wit not has to use her wit to out smart the killers, great choice of name their guys. The most laughable part about this movie, is that three teenagers out smarted and out tracked a Marine and his friend. Basically kids out smarting adults, I couldn’t see any way of this being at all feasible but then Wit picks up her courage and her sudden bad ass attitude and suddenly goes on a child murdering spree. It makes no sense, this lady was too scared to even shoot a deer earlier in the movie and now she’s a full on bad ass, I know the girl has been through a lot but even that drastic of a personality change seems un realistic.


Either way the movie was incredibly shot, it was well done to an extent with a great introduction perfectly introducing your three main characters but it just lacked so much for me, so cliche to other films out there, a Purge in the woods so to speak. Tried and tested, a great attempt but nothing that really stood out for me.