Precinct Seven Five Review


During the cocaine explosion of the 80’s and 90’s New York City police officer Michael Dowd led a crew of crooked cops to build his own crime empire. These officers protected high profile kingpins and robbed drug dealers for their own benefit before going into the drug distribution game.

This documentary really hits you like a punch to face right from the onset, the sheer audacity of the cops who were all involved in this scandal is mind blowing. Not for one moment in the opening of the film any of them seem to have any regrets, their smug, arrogant take on their actions show no remorse and it’s clear to see that these guys really meant business, it really splashes you with a dose of reality and insight into a criminal mind. Originally a group of guys who pledged to serve and protect, were transformed to crave more and to become a part of something they made an oath to deter.

Captivating from start to finish, true account stories mirrored with interviews with the kingpin and dealers themselves that really show both sides of this twisted tale. This mix brings the documentary full circle it’s fully informative, it’s gripping, it’s deadly and with added archive footage and images, wow.. just wow.


A must see, Michael’s sheer ego as he re-tells this story makes it seem as thou his only regret was not doing more, and his only mistake was getting caught.