Pitching Tents Poster and Trailer Release

Coming of age teen comedy Pitching Tents gets a poster and trailer. The trailer showcases both sides of the films genre with the first half being a very teen-comedy roadtrip style layout and after the mid-way point has a very heartfelt coming of age, life affirming feel. If the film is as finely balanced as the trailer below then we’re in for a real treat.

The 80’s are back, and taking over the summer! Set in 1984, Meritage Picture’s coming-of-age comedy “Pitching Tents” will begin its theatrical run at Laemmle’s Monica Film Center in Santa Monica, CA with a one-week engagement from March 31st to April 6th. The film will then open in numerous cities around the U.S. in the weeks that follow.

Written by Rob Fox and Jayme Petrille, and directed by Jacob Cooney, “Pitching Tents” follows the story of Danny Whitaker, a high school senior struggling with his future. Caught in a tug-of-war between his no-nonsense father and his crackpot guidance counselor, Danny and his band of misfit buddies head to the woods for the town’s annual rite-of-passage fishing trip. After a wild party, Danny stumbles upon Goddess Camp, the urban legend of “skinny-dipping chicks” that so many horny high-school boys have fantasized about for years. Here he meets Alison, who helps him find the strength he needs to take charge of his own destiny.