Pazazu Unbound

New Book Resurrects Pazazu In Time for Warner Bros  25th Anniversary Exorcist Blu-Ray Set.


As Warner Brothers Home Entertainment releases a complete set of all five films in the Exorcist series on Bluray September 23, a new novel marks the grisly return of one of the most terrifying villains in screen and literary history..

Mayfair, London-Steeped in horrific ancient mythology and terrifying folklore, the demon Pazazu terrified scores of readers and filmgoers in the seminal book and movie ‘The Exorcist’ as well as its subsequent incarnations in both cinematic and literary form; but the winged demon is now due for a grisly return in a new book timed to coincide with the unleashing of The Exorcist: The Complete Anthology onto Blu-Ray this September 23rd

The man behind the book ‘Pazazu Unbound’ is Saurav Dutt – an author who is a lifelong fan of the William Friedkin classic as well as the books by William Peter Blatty, who became renowned around the world for his knowledge of the Golden Globe and Academy Award nominated star of the hit movie ‘The Wrestler’ Mickey Rourke and who published leading biographies of Rourke, Roy Scheider and whose debut novel Broken Sky raised proceeds for homeless charities like Shelter, Habitat for Humanity and PATH (Los Angeles). Saurav has previously written for publications including The Guardian and Sunday Times and is a lifelong fan of the horror genre.

Saurav Dutt tells us more, in his own words:

“The horror genre requires a jarring nightmare to return it to its roots; the mystery of Pazazu is not just in its horrific manifestations but the way it mirrors the horror of the human condition. For those horror fans who want to be reminded of the terror, the inhumanity, the unspeakable nightmares that lingered long in the mind from Friedkin and Blatty’s masterpieces, this book is a timely reminder that true evil sometimes doesn’t need a Ouija board to be summoned-instead it lingers amidst the shadows we all fear, just waiting for the most opportune time to inflict its unholy revenge” says Saurav.


The book-a copy of which has been received by the director of The Exorcist himself- has only just been released, but is already selling well. Viral marketing has played a huge part in making it so successful, with plenty of discussion on Facebook and Twitter that are exciting horror and Exorcist fans everywhere.

Saurav Dutt believes the mystery behind the demon itself, the popularity of Exorcism related films and the return to ‘intelligent horror’ is behind the book’s success. “Pazazu is indelibly etched into the minds of horror fans around the world and understanding the power of this horrific demon has excited many Exorcist fans who want more intelligence and a creeping fear amidst the terror; this enables them to better understand why this particular evil is as destructive as it is-and have a thrilling ride in doing it”.

Pazazu Unbound is out now, and available through Amazon in the UK and US in paperback, and in Kindle formats as well as at Waterstones, Barnes & Noble and iTunes.

The book can be purchased online, here:

The author has also created a dedicated website:

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