Patrick’s Day Review

Patrick-s Daty

Terry McMahon’s blistering drama Patrick’s Day is unquestionably one of the best films I’ve seen all year. This Irish film, which debuted at various film festivals before finding general release earlier this year in its home country, deserves to find a wide audience here in the states, but thanks to a zero theatrical release (as far as I can tell) strategy and the lack of any streaming or physical media options, the only way one can see this is to do something illegal on the internet (which I don’t do) or own a Region Free disc player and purchase the Region 2 DVD from Amazon UK (which I did). Intelligent, romantic, deeply troubling, and all together devastating, few films that I can think of feel more timely or of the moment than this one; mental illness is a massive issue all around the world, and McMahon’s multilayered narrative takes a harsh look at parenting gone wrong and a system that consistently fails those that it’s looking to rehabilitate.

Patrick’s Day will be a film that will test the limits of some viewers, as it goes to some dark yet truthful areas in search of enlightenment and answers, even if some of those answers will forever be out of reach. McMahon has crafted a brave and intimate and surprising piece of cinema, and I absolutely cannot wait to see what he does next.

Review by Nick Clement