Over £1.5m Made In Recent PropStore Auction


The hammer has dropped for the final time at the Prop Store auction and the total made my eyes water.

Over £1.5 million was made at the auction that took place at London’s BFI IMAX on Tuesday 27 September, here are some of the item’s that made a killing at the event:

  1. Batman’s Batsuit from The Dark Knight Rises (2012) sold for £192,000
  1. Hero Batpod Vehicle from The Dark Knight Rises (2012) sold for £312,000 *FIRST EVER OFFERING*
  2. Steven Spielberg’s Clapperboard from Jaws (1975) sold for £84,000
  3. Batman’s Batsuit from Batman Begins (2005) sold for £96,000
  4. Sloth Mask from The Goonies (1985) sold for £36,000
  5. Harry Potter Hogwarts Acceptance Letter with Wax Seal from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001) sold for £8,400
  6. Richard Attenborough’s Personal Annotated Script from Jurassic Park (1993) sold for £11,400
  7. Miniature model of Trojan Rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail sold for £9,600
  8. Scully (Gillian Anderson) FBI Photo ID & Badge from The X-Files (1993-2002) sold for £7,200
  9. Mulder (David Duchovny) FBI Photo ID & Badge from The X-Files (1993-2002) sold for £7,800

Collectors from around the world gathered yesterday at the Prop Store’s unique Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction, which achieved unprecedented results over ten hours of exciting and intensive bidding.

One of the top results of the day was the TIE Pilot Helmet from Star Wars: A New Hope (1977) which achieved a world record breaking sale price for a Star Wars helmet of £210,00 ($273,423).

Stephen Lane, Prop Store CEO commented on the auction: “We’re delighted with the success of our third live London auction which was held at the BFI IMAX London, in partnership with ODEON. It was a truly unique event with a global audience. We delivered the opportunity for film fans and collectors alike to bid on some of the world’s most iconic film and TV items, and secure their own pieces of movie and television history. Prop Store are already making plans and accepting consignments for our 2017 live auction.”