Our Trip to the Prop Store of London

So after years of knowing the guys at the Prop Store, yesterday was the day to finally take a trip to go and visit their world famous offices in London.

From Horror to Sci Fi to Comedy to Fantasy. the Prop Store has it all. The moment the doors opened we were encapsulated in a world of film, every inch you turn another iconic movie prop would be hanging on the walls or embedded onto a stand.

Prop Store of London

Myself and two film making friends of mine were greeting by none other than Tim Lawes, Tim works as the General Manager of the Prop Store and he offered to give us a tour of the facility. We were firstly introduced to a hoard of spacesuits that CEO Stephen Lane has quite a soft spot for collecting. The suits ranged from the spacesuits from Armageddon, Total Recall, Star Trek, Alien and even Austin Powers with Dr.Evil and Mini Me’s costumes on display in the far right of the picture below.Prop Store Trip

Amongst the spacesuits stood a Christopher Reeves Superman Costume, a Neo trenchcoat from The Matrix, a Bullet ridden jacket from Terminator and a Giger suit from Alien. To be told this was only the entryway to the entire collection was like being told Christmas had just come early, the details on the costumes, the intricate production design and craftsmanship that has gone into making these costumes is phenomenal and we were instantly staring at a collection worth millions of pounds.Sean Evans and the Mondoshawan from Galaxy Quest

As we were lead into the warehouse we saw the entire storage facility, all category co-ordinated props, weapons, SPFX, vehicles and more as we wandered through the warehouse looking for recognizable items. We came across items from Spiderman, a batsuit, Bruce Willis’s costume from Die Hard, a Millennium Falcon and a HUGE full size Mondoshawan from Galaxy quest, look at the size of that thing next to me and I’m close to 6 feet tall !

Can you recognize any of these movie treasures in the images below, let us know what you think they are !

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As we then headed outside to yet another warehouse we saw items from Prop Store’s upcoming auctions and various bits and pieces including a full size speedboat used in James Bond, various Swords and Shields from an array of movies such as Troy, The Mummy Returns and Alexander, and to top it all off the Deathproof car, how these guys get any work done is beyond me!

Deathproof Car

We were shown various costumes worn by various characters throughout film industry such as Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig, the list was endless and I was in my element browsing through the array of costumes not only on display but all hanging up ready for that dedicated movie fanatic to sweep it up off its feet.Battlestar Galatica and Inglorious Bastards costumes

Up the steps we walked as we entered the man cave, the office of Tim and Stephen and instantly our jaws drop as we hit the top of the stairs as we see this beautiful purple dress instantly recognizable as the Roberto Cavalli dress that Eva Green wore as Vesper in Casino Royale. An elegant dress in this wonderful display cabinet next to a Johnny Depp Jack Sparrow screen used costume of all things.Vesper's dress and Screen Used Jack Sparrow costume

As the shock value wore off I turn around and in a tale of destiny I see before me on the walls, screen used hoverboards used in Back to the Future, my mouth drops, I fall silent and instantly as quick as the Flash pull out my camera and capture the nerdy awesomeness that beholds me.Back to the future hoverboards

Tim gave us a tour of the office and really made us feel welcome, all the staff at the Prop Store were incredibly accommodating, at one point even moving out of their seats and moving certain items in place for us to take a good picture of, fantastic customer service and we weren’t even buying anything ! Tim was a great host with a vast knowledge of the items on display and it was a fantastic day out. Before we left we headed downstairs to take a final look at the spacesuits and other full bodied costumes, a few quick snaps and just like that the trip had come to an end.

Sean Evans at the Prop Store of London

Thank you Prop Store for inviting us down to look at your wonderful collection! If you would like to check out the Prop Store’s website and the host of amazing screen used props they have for sale CLICK HERE

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