Our Top 15 Amazing Behind the Scenes Videos

As we all love a good behind-the-scenes clip we’ve put together a fantastic list of 15 videos from some of the best films including Batman, Hunger Games and Inception so you can get a taster of what goes on Behind the Scenes!

Sandra Bullock in Gravity


Watch Sandra Bullock struggling to capture the perfect underwater shot without oxygen. Impressive stuff.

$300,000 camera on a Motorcycle in The Dark Knight Rises

Working with IMAX cameras and next-to-no CGI was a big challenge for The Dark Knight crew. This is one hell of an epic scene!

How they shot a shooting – Fight Club

Proof that trial and error is a tried and tested method in Hollywood!

The creation of space monsters – Alien

Here’s part one of an in depth look behind the scenes of Alien.

Casting the mob – The Godfather

Fight Scene- Kill Bill

Watch stunt actor Zoe Bell get seriously smashed about on behalf of The Bride – and watch Tarantino directing the hell out of the whole scene.

The death of the Aston Martin – Casino Royale

I’m weeping, I’m actually weeping.

Behind the Scenes on Slumdog Millionaire

The magic of Green Screen – Sin City

I think Michael Bay loves cars – Transformers

Revolving fight scene – Inception

 Axe kill – The Shining

Watch Jack Nicholson psyching himself up, mere minutes before delivering one of the most iconic lines in the history of cinema. “Here’s Johnny!”.

Getting wet on the set of Titanic

Talk about hands-on directing. Skip to 2:00 to see Titanic coming together, shot and directed right in the water. Pretty show-stopping.

On set with The Hunger Games

An Acting Masterclass – 12 Years a Slave

Post courtesy of SoundStage Studios

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