Ouija Review

Ouija PosterLaine and Debbie have been friends since they were young. Now they are in college they slowly start growing apart, with Debbie acting rather strange in recent weeks. Debbie is then discovered hanged and after her passing Laine finds a Ouija board in her room, Laine starts playing the game to connect with her dead friend to find out what really happened. But is it really Debbie, Laine and her friends are talking to?

So Ouija is this years offering for a Halloween hit and by all expectation it should be the scariest and most frightening movie of the year, yet when you come out of the theaters, you’ll feel a slight sense of shame that this actually won the Halloween box office this year.

Ouija delivers an idea that could potentially be great but the film feels as thou it has been rushed and shrunk down to a very short run time of 82 minutes. The first 20 minutes of the story is actually building up the events and scenario before they even attempt to communicate to their friend via the Ouija board. I did like this as it is very rare a horror movie builds up that kind of character building and intrigue into its story so credit where credit is due for that one.


However when they do finally communicate via the Ouija board they unleash a spirit confined to the house, a spirit so confined that by some magic of script the spirit can attack people outside of the house and in the cast’s own homes. Something the script writers may of skipped over when reading hauntings 101.


Coming from the Producers of Insidious I expected a James Wan esque style scare pattern, a mix of jump scares with a fantastic composition and that is exactly what I got, the composition to the film opens up the world of creepyness and really puts you within the walls of the house and really embodies you into the moment of which the film is trying to portray. The jump scares are fairly predictable but for the amateur horror viewer I’m sure some flying popcorn and girlish screams would occur.

Lin-Shaye Ouija

A very creepy film that could of had great potential but has been glamourised to meet a wider market. A wonderful cameo performance from Lin Shaye really lightens up proceedings but its a real shame that the makers won’t care about our reviews as long as the film is making money. Its a shame but thats the crazy world of films folks !

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