Other People Review

Other People

Released in 2016 and currently streaming on Netflix, the dark comedy Other People is a very tough to movie to watch at times, but offers up exemplary acting from Molly Shannon and Jesse Plemmons, to say nothing of the stacked supporting ensemble, and features a writer/director who is clearly making a film that’s coming straight from their heart. Filmmaker Chris Smith lets the audience know upfront one of the major plot developments in his story, and because of this, the film feels totally different – in an excellent way – as a result of that decision. I cried, I laughed, I wanted to see these people all the way to the close of their journeys, and I loved the way that Smith never pandered to his audience with cheap and false sentiment, instead allowing the grim reality of the situation to unfold, while allowing for life’s small, poignant moments to grace his heartfelt narrative in ways most unexpected.

Review by Nick Clement

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