Original props for sale from Dracula TV Show

Not long after the success of the recent Prop Store Live Auction have they now announced a Dracula Prop and Costume Auction in partnership with NBCUniversal.

A total of 450 lots of authentic pieces from the 2013 gothic drama TV show. The auction begins on Monday 12th October with the first lots closing at 5:00PM GMT on Monday, October 19th and final lots closing at 5:00PM GMT on Friday, October 30th.  Bids can be placed online via the Prop Store website at www.propstore.com/auction.


The auction consists of some truly remarkable items such as Alexander Grayson’s (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) Fight Costume & Sword and Mina Murray’s (Jessica De Gouw) Royal Blue Ballroom Gown.

Swords, more costumes and varieties of Vampire vanquishing equipment are all on offer within the auction.

Stephen Lane, Prop Store CEO, said: “We’re delighted to offer this exclusive collection of props and costumes from Dracula. This is an exciting opportunity for fans to bid at no reserve on over 450 lots from the hit TV show.”