One in Three People in The UK Believe in Aliens


According to research* conducted by Vue to mark the release of Independence Day: Resurgence, one in three people in the UK believes in aliens.

I myself, have always been skeptical about the subject but after reading some of the following statistics even I am wondering if there really is other life out there as so many other people seem so convinced.

One in six people have reported to seeing a UFO – rising to a third of 18-24 year olds – and four in ten of us think that UFO’s have previously landed in the UK.

But the funniest figure of all was that if aliens DID in fact invade us, Brits are more likely to save their mobile phone than their photo albums. “Quick there’s an alien invasion, god dammit, where’s my i-Phone?!”

Conspiracy theories are rife with over half of us believing that there are people out there who know more about aliens than they claim to. Most of these people seem to be living in London as according to statistics London (51%) is the only region whose majority believe that UFOs have already landed on Earth

If this happened today, one in four of us would head into the countryside to escape alien invasion with the Scottish Highlands being deemed the number one safest spot, while Glasgow was the least considered (less than 1%). Does this mean that Glasgow is the aliens’ preferred destination?

 Want to find out more about what’s really out there? Then check out Vue’s video about alien conspiracy theories from acclaimed sci-fi writer James Swallow, in order to arm yourself with tips to survive an increasingly likely alien abduction:


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