Odeon Screen Unseen Review


Before I got the email, I had never even heard of Odeon’s Screen Unseen before, I knew about Limitless, The Gallery and all other Odeon treats and perks but how on earth did I miss this one?!
Screen Unseen offers cinema fans the chance to see an unmissable future five star film for just £5 a ticket, before its official release. In previous showings of Screen Unseen they’ve already had advanced screenings of early Oscar favourites, I, Daniel Blake and Paterson.

I walked into Odeon, grabbed my tickets, sat on some rather cramped ‘Premium’ seats on the lap of the poor older gentleman next to me and I waited for the curtains to open. The beauty (and slight downfall) of Screen Unseen is that you have no idea what movie you are about to see. My head was racing with all the latest advanced screenings. Could it be Rings? Could it be Rogue One? Could it be Man Up? Could it be Why Him?


The curtains rolled back and a movie called ‘A Monster Calls’ was displayed, myself and my friend looked to one another and at the same time said – ‘What the hell is this?!’ we had never heard of it yet it boasted quite the A-List cast.

I guess the beauty of Screen Unseen is that you get to watch the movies way before a release date but in this case A Monster Calls had already been released in Spain in October so it must be UK advanced screenings only and not worldwide screenings which was a shame. At the same time however it’s always great to see a movie before it’s official release, you feel a sense of exclusivity and that’s always nice and Screen Unseen has opened my eyes to films that I wouldn’t usually go to see voluntarily, it was a welcome suprise as this slow starting movie grew on me like a trees roots.
A Monster Calls was something unique, emotional and quite touching. A future five-star film however? Hmm.. Maybe if I was an older generation critic, not something for the younger audience in my own personal opinion but a good film none the less.

Screen Unseen is quite the unique experience, if you love surprises and movies then it’s certainly one for you, so in that sense I loved the suspense and intrigue as I was questioning what I was going to see. It would be better if you had a list of movies that you could potentially see rather than just throwing any old one out there, but never the less it was a good night out. It’s a shame that I went with a male friend of mine to watch a rather emotional movie, our hands brushed past one another as we went to grab our drinks, we haven’t spoken since.

ODEON do give cryptic clues out on Twitter ahead of each Screen Unseen event so that film goers can try to guess the film ahead of the reveal, maybe I should have used this beforehand to know which person to bring with me!

Check out more information about Screen Unseen HERE