Odeon Printworks Gallery Experience Review


What better way to watch Batman V Superman on a cold and wet Easter monday than to watch it in true VIP style. The Gallery experience from Odeon is a VIP ticket upgrade that goes the extra mile in providing that little bit extra to your cinema going experience.

The VIP Gallery package includes lounge access, unlimited soft drinks, popcorn, nachos and a cash bar.

Myself and a friend hopped on a train to Manchester and headed to the Odeon at printworks to see what all the fuss was all about. Upon entering the venue we collected our tickets from a self service machine and saw a lift with ‘The Gallery’ star embedded into the lifts button, we climb in and in true Charlie and The Chocolate Factory style the great glass elevator took us to the top floor, and when those doors opened, it was as though we had been transported to another world. From the rather bleak entrance upon which we entered with scattered arcade machines and a very open plan reception, we were now greeted with a rather posh carpeted corridor littered with pictures reflecting various celebs from Hollywood history and each private screen door was coated in a very luxurious purple velvet. One of the hosts greeted us, checked our tickets and took us into the main lounge which at 12pm on an Easter holiday was pretty much empty, it felt very exclusive and the area felt very private and special indeed.

Manchester Odeon Gallery Printworks

I took my seat on some incredibly comfy seats after grabbing my free drinks from the fridge, we asked for a portion of nachos half expecting a measly portion but oh no, we were greeted with a nice portion size with the option to have more any time we liked. The chips were surrounded by some of the nicest nacho cheese sauce i’ve ever had; Salsa dip and very fresh Jalepeno peppers accompanied the little crispy bites of heaven, usually peppers don’t usually make me scrambling for the nearest water bottle, but these babies kicked like a mule!

Nacho bowl - Gallery Experience


Odeon GalleryAfter logging onto the free wi-fi and posting a nice little bragging selfie to Instagram I relaxed to the sounds of the chart music on offer and waited for Batman V Superman to begin.

Sean Evans Back to the Movies

My god did my friends iPhone suck in low light…

With my delicious nachos now superglued to my hand I grab my snacks which more than paid for themselves twice over (especially with cinema prices) and we headed into the rather strip club style / upmarket brothel doors and into the gallery viewing area.

Odeon Doors

Mr Grey will see you now…

Our seats were incredibly high up as we looked down on the peasants.. I mean audience below, and in-front of us lay four rows of premium leather seats with so much leg room I could have easily brought a football and started doing keepy ups. Soft leather seats with a partition down the middle and a tray to your right to keep your drinks and snacks on; the partition in the middle could actually lift up to snuggle next to your significant other but seeing as though I was with my buddy Matt, I just wasn’t interested in swinging that way.

Odeon view from Gallery seating

All in all I thought the Odeon Gallery experience is worth the upgrade, a nice relaxing environment before your film, private toilets, no queues, private seating, unlimited food and drinks. I must say the whole experience enhanced my opinion of the film. I wasn’t a big fan of Batman V Superman (Even thou Kory rather liked it in his review HERE) so my 2 out of 5 star rating consisted of 1 star for the movie and a bonus star for the 5 star quality experience I was surrounded with.

Many reviews I’ve seen about the gallery experience have complained about the distance away from the screen in the gallery viewing box, but with the screen as big as it was I thought it was the perfect viewing experience without me going cross-eyed. We were sitting right at the back of the theatre and as you can see in the photo below, the screen still looks rather formidable.

A wonderful day out, no need to upgrade just for those special occasions, it’s cheaper than most chain cinema prices, it’s cheap as chips. Nacho chips to be exact!

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