Now You See Me 2 Stunt With Magician Jamie Raven

Magician Jamie Raven performs on stage, including giving away free money.

Magician Jamie Raven performs on stage, including giving away free money.

In conjunction with the release of Now You See Me 2, Britain’s Got Talent star Jamie Raven made a very special appearance at Westfield, Stratford, wowing the public with a series of live shows inspired by the film and culminating with thousands of pounds magically fall from the sky.

Jamie was introduced by two of the movies stars Jesse Eisenberg and Dave Franco via a big screen ahead of the film’s release on Monday, Raven performed a variety of dazzling close-up routines themed around the film at the London shopping mall, giving the public many chances to earn bank notes and other prizes.

The grand finale involved a grand illusion where the sky rained with money (A mix of real and promotional bank notes)

“Magic is enjoying a huge surge in popularity recently and the The Now You See Me films are playing a significant part in that, with the ‘Four Horsemen’ inspiring a new generation of fans and budding magicians.  I was delighted to have been nominated as the ‘fifth horseman’ here in London for this spectacular stunt” – Jamie said.

“There was quite a frenzy when the bank notes appeared on such a busy Saturday shopping day and I was really impressed by how sporting everyone was, sharing the wealth among those lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.”

Now You See Me 2 is released in cinemas on 4th July

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