North V South Review


With our inbox constantly being bombarded by the next ‘Essex Boys’ or ‘Rise of the Footsoldier’ we spend a great deal of time watching these self claimed next best things only to find they’re well… terrible, I open my inbox from the one and only Cass Pennant, “Sean, check this out I’m sure you’ll like it” and Cass wasn’t wrong, North V South is a UK Independent gangster film to be proud of.

Steven Nesbit’s hard-hitting, battle of the territories thriller North v South which had its World Premiere at Edinburgh International Film Festival is all about the rival criminal underworlds from the North and South of the UK.


The film feautres an outstanding cast of great British acting talent including Brad Moore, Bernard Hill, Steven Berkoff, Freema Agyeman, Elliott Tittensor, Charlotte Hope, Keith Allen, Geoff Bell, Steve Evets and Greta Scacchi.

The acting, the throwbacks to old gangster movies, the stylishly shot cinematography and Elliot Tittensor (Shameless) putting in one of the stand out performances of the film, were all the positives I needed to finally have faith in future gangster movies, easily eclipsing anything else from this genre that we’ve seen in 2015.

North V South delivers exactly what you’d expect, guns, lots of swearing, an attractive female and a simple premise. Not the best film we’ve seen this year, but certainly not the worst, cast and crew should be proud of this little english gem.