Norm Of The North Review

Norm of the North

Well Norm Of The North was the antarctic breath of fresh air that I’ve been searching for in animations this year (apart from Finding Dory). Well.. until I actually watched.

While Norm Of The North is packed full of comedy, heart and address’s serious issues in the world of geological and environmental conservation, it seems to just melt away after the first 10 minutes.

The story revolves around a polar bear called Norm (Voiced by Rob Schneider) who when a real estate development invades his home, he travels with his three lemming friends to New York to take down the corporation planning the build and protect his homeland.


I’ve seen various reviews for the film criticising the animation and I have to agree, the animation in parts looks very blocky and cheap but other scenes look great. Animations will always be compared to their big studio counterparts, but I personally overlooked this when viewing as the film did portray a certain charm with added comedic moments.

Unfortunately for this movie it had a lacking script that took the magic away from my viewing experience, this makes Norm of the North a very hit and miss movie. Struggling to find the line between child and adult appear and somehow avoiding both for the majority of the flick.

Better luck next time Norm!