Night Terrors: The Beginning – The Future of Horror Gaming


So Night Terrors: The Beginning the app promoted by us here at Back to the Movies has released it’s first mini immersive experience on the app store. A game that turns your home into a haunted house, posessing your surroundings with spirits and creepy effects. Turn off your lights and let the Night Terrors begin.

Night Terrors uses a variety of Augmented Reality technologies that haven’t been used in mobile gaming before, a game of this complexity in the AR world has never been seen and the 10 minute teaser that has been released shows just a glimpse of what’s to come.

The aim of the game is to find frequencies using the bar in the lower left corner of the app-screen, once you find the frequences a ball of light appears in your environment and when you focus your camera in on the balls of light they manifest into Night Terrors and things get real ugly.

Flashing lights, flickering, light breathing in and out around you and then jump scares that make you jump no matter how many times you play it, this first 10 minute experience creeps me out everytime and I’ve been on the project since beta testing begun.


Novum Analytics promise that this is only the start. The game has been left open ended with various atmospherics that drag out the experience as you feel immersed in your environment. Tilt your phone up to the sky and you can hear rainfall falling down on the roof of your house as a storm surrounds you, it is really incredible stuff. Future updates will include a longer experience, more scares, more intensity and Novum promise that this is only a fraction of what is possible.

Night Terrors: The Beginning is priced at 0.99c and can be purchased on the app store HERE with an Android version coming at a later date.