Night at the Museum 3 – Ben Kingsley


Shawn Levy has been scouting NEPOml5BadJMSY_1_bacquisitions for the third installment of the Night At The Museum movies, drawing the likes of Dan Stevens and Rebel Wilson to join the returning regulars, which of course includes main man Ben Stiller. Now the device has targeted Ben Kingsley.

Kingsley will play a formidable Egyptian pharaoh on display in the British Museum, who is awoken thanks to the usual magical madness. Whether he’ll end up being a force for good or ill remains to be seen. Ben has been doing the rounds lately with an amazing performance in Iron Man 3 and working on an upcoming independent film called Walking with the Enemy.

The rest of the cast include Stiller’s Larry Daley, Robin Williams’ President Teddy Roosevelt and the rest of the gang, which includes veterans Ricky Gervais, Steve Coogan and Owen Wilson. Levy is set to deliver this one to cinemas on December 26.