Nick Frost Confirms Paul 2 Will NOT Happen


Nick Frost, speaking on Edith Bowman’s brand new Virgin Radio breakfast show, confirmed that there was not going to be a second Paul. When asked if there was to be a sequel to the hit film, he said: “No, I think that time’s come and gone. There was a tiny sniff I think of someone saying ‘why don’t we do it as a TV show in America’, but that kind of went away. I just think it’s so expensive to make – as in him – that, you know…it was nice as it was.”

He was also asked who would play him if a film was to be made of his life, to which he replied: “Maybe Ray Winstone to play me. I love him – we text each other every weekend when West Ham play. He always texts me inappropriate jokes, the kind of jokes an over-friendly cabbie would tell you.”

This comes as rather good news to my ears as I’m fed up of these comedy sequels which make me almost despise the amazing originals (Zoolander 2 anyone?)

It’s safe to say Paul will be safe for many years to come!