New Poster for Locke starring Tom Hardy

The film Locke see’s Tom Hardy he spends 84 minutes in real time just driving down the M6 and M1 on his way back to London. Sounds exciting right… ?

Here’s the first poster for the film.

79356Hardy’s Ivan Locke is driving to London to be present at the birth of his child. Just a few complications: his wife (Ruth Wilson) is not the woman who is giving birth to his child. His teenage sons (Tom Holland and Bill Millner) are at home, disappointed that he won’t be home to see a football match. And the next day is due to see a key stage in a huge construction project that he’s overseeing.

It all sounds a bit strange if we’re honest, but there is a reason that Tom Hardy signed on for the movie so I’m sure there is something within the confines of this plain and dull storyline that keep us hooked for 84 mins. Tom Hardy never disappoints so we’re looking forward to the trailer that is being released next Monday.

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