New footage from the next Dragonball Z film released

A few weeks ago there was the announcement of another new Dragonball Z movie already in the works.

The Resurrection of FThis comes shortly after Battle Of Gods was made available to buy, a film I haven’t even seen yet, and at a price of £15.99 (yes, it is dubbed with voices featuring Sean Schemmel and Christopher R. Sabat) from HMV it is quite sickly to spend such money on an hour and a half worth of film.

With crisp and modern animation (which is what I wanted from Dragonball Kai), it’s becoming more difficult to resist, so expect a review at some point.

Anyway, this film is focusing on something die hard DBZ fans will recognise very well: Frieza.

The Ressurrection Of F focuses on, well, the resurrection of Frieza and with the Z fighters and even Master Roshi joining in fighting, it could only be a good thing and excellent timing, it’s scheduled for release April 2015 in Japan.

How is Frieza resurrected? The same as Bio-Broly is perhaps? Maybe, but seeing DBZ films coming out quickly after a seventeen year break is enjoyable to watch.

It has divided some fans, as Goku has reached strength that, statistically surpasses Frieza fans are wondering how this could be explained.

The video is in Japanese, but do check it out and tell us what you think.

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