Netflix ‘Love’ Season 2 Review

LOVE Netflix series review

The Netflix romantic comedy series Love is one of my favorite recent television addictions, and I can’t wait for season three to launch – does anyone have any news as to a premiere date? The show centers on two lost Los Angeles souls, Mickey (the absolutely amazing Gillian Jacobs) and Gus (the goofily charming Paul Rust), who meet in a chance encounter and develop an unexpected relationship that tests them both on everything they’ve come to know about, well, love. Mickey is an addict for drink, drugs, and companionship, and Gus is just trying to find his footing in a city that can be tricky to navigate. Co-created by Rust, Judd Apatow, and Lesly Arfin, this is a prickly show, with a deeply complex lead female character that is brilliantly essayed by Jacobs; she’s playing that ultra-damaged hot-chick who every guy wants to try and save but deep down inside they know it’s going to be a very tough process.

LOVE Netflix series review

Rust excels as the guy you want to see win in every situation, even if his own inadequacies and idiocies have a tendency of getting in the way. And scenes are constantly stolen by Australian actress Caroline O’Doherty, who plays Mickey’s naïve roommate. Mickey is a radio show producer and Gus is an on-set tutor for a child actress (Iris Apatow, excellent) on a popular (and very crappy) network comedy, so there’s plenty of show-biz riffing and cynical satire on display, while overall, the show is consistently funny, filled with true heart and surprising emotion, well-directed (Lynn Shelton POWER), and definitely crude yet sweet with its abundant sexual material. Season 3 needs to drop immediately!

Review by Nick Clement

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