Nerve Review


Nerve starring Dave Franco and Emma Roberts revolves around a video game where people have the choice to be either watchers or players. Watchers get the joy of seeing the players do wild and ludicrous tasks to gain fans and money, at the same time the watchers also vote on what tasks the players should perform. The players on the other hand perform the tasks required in order to seek fame and fortune. Quite a crazy concept that echoes the movie 13 Sins with Ron Pearlman with a teenage twist.

Venus (Emma Roberts) is quite a shy girl who always seems to live in the shadow of her peers. After being pushed by her friend Sydney she takes the leap and decides to join Nerve as a player. Upon her first task to kiss a random stranger, she encounters Ian (Dave Franco). What follows is a tag-team pairing who quickly rise through the ranks of the Nerve popularity system, but as the popularity increases, so do the stakes and Ian and Venus start to find out they are way over their heads in this whirlwind social experience.


Nerve takes a strong look on our social media culture combined with online mentality and the anonymity that anyone can have hiding behind a screen. This social construct is echoed throughout the movie and serves as a strong indiciation of how many people are sadly like this in today’s world.

Love triangle, friendships tested and more are handled with ease. Our characters are driven, well portrayed and as we are all technically watchers, watching Ian and Venus perform their tasks is a fun ride, but at the same time as watching the film, you also question why you are watching and enjoying the tasks they are performing and instantly the full-circle ensues where-by you are watching the exact thing that the movie is telling you not too throughout. Quite the irony really.


Nerve is a suprisingly good time, a low budget movie that came out of nowhere and suprised many of it’s critics. Forget the rushed ending, it’s overall a nicely polished movie that’s fun to watch and the fun Nerve mini-game on the Blu Ray version is a nice touch too.