Negan Makes an Appearance in New Walking Dead Teaser


Finally Negan has arrived in what has been a rather impressive season 6 of The Walking Dead and this dutch teaser is making me quiver with excitement for the seasons finale.

A quick glimpse of the mayhem that is on the horizon for our group of Alexandrians (Is that a word?), a brief appearance by Steven Ogg (The voice of Trevor from GTA) and his merry band of Saviors and three words that will echo in my mind until the seasons end – “Hi, I’m Negan”.

Three words, and his ever so polite way of introducing himself, no doubt before swinging his beloved baseball bat Lucille into one of our beloved veterans.

The teasers have since been taken down by AMC themselves, even on their own channels. Are they messing with our minds… I’m sure you can still find the video on the net somewhere, if you look hard enough!