Natalie Victoria Deadheads LIVE Interview

As Part of our Deadheads feature we got to interview the lovely Natalie Victoria who plays Ellie Masterson in Deadheads, not only is this lady cool to talk to but her laugh is contagious !! shes so funny ! I really enjoyed this interview as we spoke about the film and antics on set but also the charity fundraising event Bowling For Boobies which helps to raise money for women battling breast cancer.

Natalie is working on a variety of films at the moment, and really is getting noticed for her great acting talents and infectious sense of humour and outgoing personality, it was really nice to speak to someone so down to earth who lives in the crazy city that is Los Angeles.

Make sure you check out Deadheads on DVD and Blu Ray online or at a local retailer, it really is a unique take on a zombie film with comedy and love elements thrown in for a blended mixture that truly is unique to the genre.

Our Interview with Natalie Victoria, hope you enjoy it !