My Butterkist Night In

Butterkist night in

Thanks to the wonderfully delicious people over at Butterkist I was sent a few bags of popcorn and a NowTV pass to enjoy a Butterkist night in on them!

Not one to argue at getting freebies (especially popcorn) I sat down, filled up a bowl with some delicious Sweet and Salted Butterkist popcorn and browsed NowTV for something cool to watch.

I wanted a good comedy as it had been a long and dull day of looking over serious movies and needed some humour to stop me from jumping off the nearest tall structure of some kind. I absolutely loved The Disaster Artist and I’m a big fan of anything that James Franco is in so I put on Why Him?. I absolutely love this comedy and even thou i’ve already seen it I still laugh in the same parts over and over again, so much so that my newly opened bag of Butterkist popcorn had littered the floor like some careless teenage at a local cinema.

Butterkist night in

Naturally applying the 3 second rule, I scooped up what I could and on with the show!

Once the naughtyness of the Sweet and Salted Butterkist popcorn had whet my appetite I instantly ran over to the parcel they had sent me and pulled out another bag, salted caramel. Sweet mercy, these were incredible. They were that nice that my family members who were with me at the time had eaten half of the bag by themselves. To which point, I took the bag, hid in a corner and proceeded to say ‘My precious’ over and over again until they stayed away.

I musn’t get too carried away thou as the NowTV pass had a sports channel trial attached and you know what that means, soccer saturday! All the Premier League games and highlights in high-def glory whilst i’m slobbing out on the sofa eating my popcorn.

Butterkist night in

The movie night was great and I had a really good time and the popcorn just added that lovely homely addition to a winters Butterkist night in.

Thanks to Butterkist for providing my tastebuds with some mind-blowing flavours and for helping me take a load off after a really strange week.

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