Movie Star Geoff Bell Stars in Play OJO Advert

Hollywood Tough Guy Geoff Bell Showcases His Skills in Online Casino Ad

The memory of some Hollywood celebrities lingers in the minds of moviegoers for decades. Some actors don’t mind being typecast and rise to the challenge whenever opportunity presents itself. Movie star Geoff Bell is generally regarded as a Hollywood tough guy, with memorable roles on both sides of the Atlantic. The English film star was born in 1963 and began his acting career at the age of 30, playing bodyguards, bouncers and strong individuals.

Over the course of his illustrious career, he had multiple opportunities to showcase his acting skills in other roles. Versatile and capable of bringing to life pretty much any character he didn’t hesitate to start in a TV series. The Level is the most recent, but Geoff Bell featured in many other TV series, over the last couple of years. His fans will have the chance to see him in three new Hollywood movies in 2017.

From Sports Comedy to Drama

Geoff Bell’s acting prowess helped him make his debut when he starred in Mike Bassett – England Manager in 2001. The move has a funny premise and the cast has the merit of turning it into a gem, with Geoff having an important contribution himself. England football fans probably still enjoy watching the film today, as it brings back amusing memories from previous qualification campaigns.

Bell quickly returned to the roles that best suited for his physique and overall appearance. Each time he had to impersonate a tough guy, he worked wonders and left the audience speechless. He reprised exactly this kind of character when he was chosen to play Tommy Hatcher in Green Street. Elijah Wood starred in that movie that shed light on the violent world of football hooligans. The film was so successful that the couple of years later a sequel was made and yet another one in 2013.

Geoff Bell in Green Street

The Face of a New Online Casino

It frequently happens that Hollywood celebrities are chosen by major companies to promote their brands. They have the advantage of being well known worldwide and already have a healthy community of fans. This is precisely what ventures need when they want to bring a certain brand into the spotlight on a worldwide scale. Geoff Bell is now the familiar face advertising PlayOJO, an online gambling operators and promises to meet Internet gamblers halfway.

The casino has been around for some time and it has a reputation for paying winners on time and in full. The generosity of their campaigns as well as the sheer diversity of bonuses makes them a good choice for those who enjoy slots, table games and video pokers. It definitely helps that Geoff Bell agreed to star in the new advertisement, one that is expected to increase the exposure of this casino brand.

Many other actors and celebrities took part in similar promotions and they proved to be win-win situations. Vinnie Jones is another tough guy with a new crisp deal and his popularity in the UK made him the perfect choice for the new campaign. Snatch and other movies in which he played important roles are still watched with pleasure many years after their international release. It goes without saying that the faces of the leading actors in these productions are also easy to recognize.

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