Are These The Most Popular Casino Movies of All Time?


One of the popular online betting companies these days, M88 can understand how casinos can be a truly great place ad material to make the best movies. The fact is, when think about casino’s, there is always that glamour and sophistication that somehow comes with it. There are the bright lights, the excitement of gambling, getting rich, not to mention the sexy women. Casino’s make a perfect atmosphere for movie sets and on that note, here’s a list of the most popular movies set in casinos.

1. Casino Royale (1967)

This is another James Bond movie but with the setting of the aging James Bond suddenly hurled out of retirement. Despite having already retired, James Bond is back in the came in order to take on the SMERSH that is threatening him and the British Secret Service.
2. The Gambler (2014)

The Gambler is a crime drama film that was directed by Rupert Wyatt and is based on the 1974 film of the same title written by James Toback. This remake has Mark Wahlberg playing the titular character about a literature professor with a severe addiction to gambling. It follows on him trying to pay off his debts to a number of loan sharks intent on hurting him if he doesn’t pay.
3. Rounders (1998)

In this casino movie, a young man played by Matt Damon is a reformed gambler who has to return to playing of big stakes poker in order to help save a friend. As someone really skillful in playing poker, he must play again in order to pay off the loan sharks his friend is indebted with. This is about two friends who need money quickly by playing poker to finally pay off their debt.
4. The Hangover (2009)

The Hangover is a favorite casino film of choice. Three groomsmen suddenly lose their friend that is soon to be wed all because of their drunken misadventures. In order to find their friend before the wedding, they have to retrace their steps, and find out just what happened ‘the night before’.
5. 21 (2008)


The movie 21 is a movie based on fact revolving around five MIT students. These students were highly intelligent and trained so as to become experts in card counting. With this expertise, they proceed on taking many Vegas casinos for millions.

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