Money in the Bank 2014 Review

MITB2014_DVD_3DAlberto Del Rio, Bray Wyatt , Cesaro, John Cena, Kane,Randy Orton, Roman Reigns & Sheamus , take to the ladders to claim the vacant WWE Championship!

Once again Money in the Bank is back and each and every year never fails to disappoint with high flying action, ladders a plenty and action that makes you gasp with excitement !

The matches in the run up to the two main ladders matches were quite boring in all fairness, Paige put on a great performance however to defend her Diva’s championship against Naomi but apart from that there isn’t really much to brag about.


The ladder matches however blew me away but the Money in the Bank ladder match for the contract outclassed and over shadowed the main event for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Rob Van Dam and Jack Swagger all went head to head with RVD flying all over the ring on some sort of steroid rage, kicking some serious ass. Dolph Ziggler sprung into acting zig zagging all over the place, Kofi Kingston who we’re hoping and praying is going to be huge one day put on another acrobatic performance but the authority had a plan.


I’m not liking this whole authority thing, its annoying crowds and people are naturally routing for this to end quickly. But just as I was getting annoyed with the bias matchups, the second ladder match resulting in me cheering for joy at the eventual winner. Hats off to everyone who participated in the matchups, action packed indeed especially with news that Randy Orton had to have his head stapled after the match after a nasty collision with a ladder. But it was all good fun to watch and once again a PPV that hasn’t disappointed.


WWE are back in fine form, as soon as the politics and authority storyline falls through I think the show will be back in business !

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