Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates Review

Mike and Dave review

I’ve long awaited to quote Mortal Kombat in a review but Mike and Dave is a total flawless victory. I love Zac Efron, I love Adam Devine, I really love Anna Kendrick, and after this I love Aubrey Plaza. I’ve seen the film twice now and I can confirm its a 10 out of 10, 4 out of 4, or 5 out of 5. I honestly think it may be the best R rated comedy I’ve seen in years and the film lands a laugh out joke just about every 10 seconds. Especially coming off the disappointing Neighbors 2 and Dirty Grandpa Zac Efron gets his man card back and I don’t think it’ll be too long before I see the film again.


Mike and Dave are two best brothers that run a liquor business. Anytime they attend a family gathering they manage to mess things up spectacularly. To them(and is) it’s hilarious. To their baby sister and mom and dad it’s not. Their little sister is getting married and her one wish is that they bring nice girls as dates to the wedding in Hawaii. Mike and Dave go on a nationwide search to find these two girls but in a turn of events Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza after getting drunk then fired on the job pretend to clean up their act to trick Mike and Dave on taking them to Hawaii. There’s a few different stories going on here but before I get to the leading 4 I want to give shouts to the entire overall cast. Rip Torn plays Mike and Dave’s dad and he’s just at the top of his game. There’s a great rivalry between Adam Devine and his cousin. The cast as a whole is spot on. So while Zac and Adam have the brotherly love down you can’t help but laugh at how absurd and crazy their sibling rivalry is. They seek to have every intent to give their sister the wedding of her dreams but let’s just say for once it’s not those 2 are the problem. Anna and Aubrey have even better chemistry. Anna decides to buddy up with Zac and Aubrey almost by an obvious default lands Adam. Adam thinks he’s getting that booty but Aubrey don’t give a bleep and the girls pretty much do everything on their own. While the girls put on a fake face to the family Adam starts to self destruct.


Kory Davis and Anna KendrickNot only is every joke freaking hilarious the set pieces like taking a Jurassic Park tour always go way way wrong. As much nudity, language, and just hilarious vulgarity that goes down the magical ingredient in this film in a subtle amount of heart. I would also love to compliment Aubrey Plaza. I’ve always loved her movies but she’s a total type cast and tends to overdue her characters but she was awesome in this. While the entire movie is hilarious there’s definitely growth in the characters. Figuring out who you are, what you wanna do, etc. Anna Kendrick became a stoner only after going through a devastating breakup. Zac is really interested in drawing comics. Those two gel very well. Adam and Aubrey both don’t give a bleep but realize they can’t do that all their lives. While you might be going that doesn’t sound funny, there’s always a way to find humor in heart. It’s the 15th anniversary of American Pie 2 this year. That’s my favorite AP film. At the end of that movie the characters have to grow up and realize life’s moving on whether you’re ready or not. The movie literally will have you stomping your feet and laughing your ass off the entire time. Even though the film has been out for a few days here in the states the film was welcomed with a loud round of applause and nobody I know had anything bad to say about it. This will be one of those rare movies that stays in theaters for awhile because of word of mouth. Grab a buddy or get a group and see this movie. It’s been years since I’ve laughed this long.

Review by Kory Davis