MEGA Alien 32cm Xenomorph Review

Alien Eaglemoss Statue

From the classic 1979 science-fiction movie Alien comes this Alien figure we were sent to review from Eaglemoss. This breathtakingly detailed statue is 32cm high, hand painted and made from a formulated metallic resin.

Alien Xenomorph Eaglemoss

Every detail from the face, snarling teeth and ridges running along the body and tail were carefully reconstructed to capture every single detail that we see on screen.

Just standing in my cabinet next to my screen-used Rod puppet Alien prop from Alien 3, the top shelf of my display now has this sinister guardian over-looking all of the treasures that lie inside.

Eaglemoss Alien

The statue comes with a full-colour box and a certificate of authenticity, although in this review box mine didn’t come with a certificate but not to worry at least the model was in there!

Every-time I walk past this thing I have to stop and admire it, it really is a work of art and Eaglemoss haven’t skipped over any detail when it comes to the screen accuracy of the piece, it is nothing short of spectacular and for it’s price point, it’s highly reasonable when models of this quality usually go for double or even triple the price of this one.

Purchase this MEGA Alien Xenomorph from Eaglemoss for only £95. Click HERE to purchase.