MCM Comic Con March 2016 Review

12674682_10156691486655297_1581900724_nIt was that time of year again as the Birmingham NEC opens its doors once again to let the hoard of cosplay, comic and film fans flood the halls.

This year MCM had a very subtle build up to it’s Birmingham show, I remember being so hyped by the fact they had The Walking Dead guests last year that I completely forgot to check out what other stalls were at the event, this year I didn’t have that problem as the guests were far below par even for MCM, but with that said the moment I walked into the event, I was blown away by the stalls and the amazing items on display.


Usually at all the comic cons I attend you are walking down aisles of Pop Vinyls, Key Rings and cheap and cheerful teddy bears but this time around it had just enough variety to be worthwhile. The items on offer were much better quality than I’ve seen for a while, the sword stands were in fine form even thou not being able to purchase them there and then kind of sucked, with new regulations the swords have to be sent out in the mail so my poor friend has to wait two weeks before even being able to hold the sword he purchased, yet another friend of mine was able to pick up a nice hand-held gun there and then… oh the logic.

I only attended the Saturday event and saw a nice variety of costumes, Deadpool was naturally going to be a popular one with it’s recent box office success, but there was an incredible Batman and Superman to celebrate the upcoming film release and a few con regulars lurking around.


All in all it was an enjoyable day out with the stalls finally offering enough variety to keep things interesting, incredibly disappointed with the guest line up but Showmasters have admittedly taken the torch and ran with it on that front.