May The Stats Be With You: Exploring Star Wars By Numbers

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Star Wars fans have been waiting eagerly since 2015, and the time is finally upon us — The Last Jedi hits the big screen this month. With Star Wars mania running wild, online store Magic Madhouse decided to delve a little deeper into the series as a whole. They created ‘Stat Wars’ — an in-depth exploration of the data throughout the seven movies.

So, just how do the seven films so far relate to, or differ from, each other?

We were most surprised by the stats looking at the overall time each major character appeared across the franchise. While Anakin / Darth Vader took the top spot (understandable, as he appears as two seperate characters), he only actually appears in the first film, A New Hope, for a surprising 9.15 minutes. It’s impressive to see just how big an impression Vader made at the beginning of the saga with such minimal screen time — his character is so iconic and so imposing that even the threat of him was enough to propel him to super-villain status.

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An array of other huge characters, including Yoda, Chewbacca and R2D2 also appeared a startlingly small amount, with Yoda’s screentime adding up to just 37.70 minutes across the seven movies!

Stat Wars also looked into another iconic element of the Star Wars franchise — lightsaber battles! Lightsabers themselves play such a starring role across the movies, however the original trilogy featured an amazingly small amount of lightsaber action — just 6.41 minutes in total across all three films! The prequel trilogy, however, almost tripled the action, resulting in a total of 17.95 minutes of lightsaber battles.

It’s pretty well accepted that the prequel trilogy didn’t quite live up to its predecessor — could this explain why? The original trilogy was more emotional, with a stronger focus on the characters and their relationships. The prequel trilogy, with its flashy effects and higher levels of action, fell short of the mark: all style and no substance, perhaps?

star wars stats

Mike Duke, Marketing Manager of Magic Madhouse said:

‘We’re big fans of the Star Wars movies at Magic Madhouse and that got us thinking, how do the films stack up when compared side by side? We got into a heated debate when it came to the prequels and the length of their lightsaber battles — some of us were happy the newer films included as much action as possible, whilst others preferred the more restrained style of the earlier films. Whilst the rest of the numbers proved a consistency across the movies, those battles really highlighted where things had changed.

‘I was surprised to see that Vader only appears in A New Hope for under 10 minutes, but I guess this can happen with these sort of films — I’ve heard there’s only 14 minutes of dinosaurs in Jurassic Park! Goes to show what an impact a good character can have.’

Elsewhere, Stat Wars examined how often the famous ‘Force’ was referenced — a grand total of 95 times across the seven films. They found A New Hope, the establishing film of the series, featured the phrase the most, with 21 mentions of the Force. Perhaps unexpectedly, considering its name, the word ‘Force’ appeared in The Force Awakens only 5 times — the least out of all the films.

Explore the full data over at Stat Wars, to swot up on your Star Wars knowledge before The Last Jedi is released on December 15th.

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