Lego Movie builds a perfect Box Office start


The Lego Movie is still towering over its rivals on the North American box office chart, after spending its third week at number one. The movie is being talked about all over the UK let alone the US, we haven’t personally seen it yet but we’ll get around to it. We like to think of the Lego Movie not as a movie but a giant feature length advert. Look at our products, look at what we can do, BUY US ! So it doesn’t really appeal to us and our indy mindset, but we’ll get there.

The film earned $31.5m (£18.9m) over the weekend, according to early estimates, with children and their parents flocking up and down the country to check out this Lego blockbuster.


A sequel of the Lego Movie has just been announced, with a release date set for May 2017.

North American box office chart

1. The Lego Movie – $31.5m

2. 3 Days to Kill – $12.3m

3. Pompeii – $10m

4. RoboCop – $9.4m

5. The Monuments Men – $8.1m

The Lego Movie is the highest-grossing film of the year so far. We don’t know whether to laugh or cry.. I suppose we can’t say anymore until we’ve seen it for ourselves !

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