LEGO® Batarang Crashes Onto Bank of Thames


Marking the arrival of the highly anticipated The LEGO® Batman Movie, released in UK cinemas this Friday from Warner Bros. Pictures a batarang has been erected on the bank of Thames.

Standing over three metres tall and destroying everything in its path, the LEGO Batarang brings to life one of the most iconic inventions on Batman’s famed utility belt. It consists of 35,000 LEGO pieces and is 133 times the size of the LEGO piece it is based on.

The structure, which is live at Observation Point for two days, was built by LEGO® design company Bright Bricks and combines the impressive LEGO elements with lighting, broken ground effect and smoking rubble for a truly dynamic effect.

Bright Bricks founder Duncan Titmarsh said: “Creating this groundbreaking installation has been a real passion project for us at Bright Bricks and is one of our most dynamic creations yet. Everyone is hugely excited by The LEGO Batman Movie, and what better way for it to make an almighty impact than by throwing a giant LEGO brick Batarang across The Thames! It’s been fantastic to see everyone’s reaction to it, particularly up close when the detail of the 35,000 LEGO bricks really comes to life.”

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Facts about The LEGO® Batman Movie installation:



  • Consists of 35,000 LEGO bricks
  • Stands 3 metres tall
  • 133:1 scale of a LEGO Minifigure Batarang
  • Took 225 man hours to build
  • Non-LEGO elements include broken ground effect, smoke and lighting

Bat symbol:

  • Consists of 10,000 LEGO bricks making it the largest LEGO Batman Symbol ever
  • 100 man hours to build
  • The largest ever Batman symbol constructed from LEGO bricks